Powerful Dashboard

Powerful Dashboard

Top management can only stay informed about the restaurant with an Informative, neat, flexible, and quick to load dashboard. The progress of the restaurant is thoroughly described in the Resto Revive dashboard. We provide detailed information about New Orders, Past Orders, Reservations, and Cash in Hand on our super dashboard that we designed specifically for Resto Revive. Any system that delivers comprehensive and precise information about the development of the business must have graphics as its most crucial component. In Resto Revive, the restaurant’s graphical representation keeps the highest authority informed of its progress.

We Make It Simple For You

Show Discounts

You offer discounts? Let’s make it easy to show them to your customers.

Responsive Design

Your restaurant looks equally good on all screens.

Powerful Options

Now manage your table menus and online menus at the same time.

A Complete Solution

Our online solution handles all types of tasks related to your restaurant.